Dostana (2008)

Dostana (2008)

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  • Dostana 2008 Hindi 720p BRRip CharmeLeon Silver RG (aw5bngy1Suw)
  • Accidental Meeting - Part 1 - Dostana (2008) | Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra (66aCV953de4)
  • Khabar nahin - Dostana (2008) HD♥ (z2NBglv3Zr8)
  • Desi girl - Dostana (2008) HD♥ (1GsHoD6wTWw)
  • Jaane kyun - Dostana (2008) HD♥ (GQyqUa0BQ4s)



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      38 Responses

      1. sarvesh says:

        live and let live

      2. sarvesh says:

        this is a good picture

      3. sarvesh says:

        please get the password ,i have downloaded the complete movi…

      4. anki says:

        gud movie & gud dat it camemovies pack

      5. kirti says:

        How to download Dostana Full movie .Please tell me .

      6. ria says:

        how to download dostana full movies

      7. ria says:

        and please give the password complete the movies

      8. yashna says:

        nice one….my boyfriend wants to live in that way…

      9. navneet says:

        what a film !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      10. navneet says:

        ey p dl dostana

      11. om says:

        How to download Dostana Full movie .Please tell me

      12. Marina Mascarenhas says:

        How to download Dostana or other Full movie .Please tell me .

      13. ravi says:

        nice movie and so many dudes doing like this i saw……………

      14. rajan says:


      15. rajan says:


      16. Tayanithi says:

        i already downloaded all the parts of wat i am supposed to do next?its in mpg format.i only knw abt pls help me here.thnks.

      17. kanchan says:

        How to download Dostana Full movie .Please tell me

      18. hjhkhkj says:

        this is a good movie

      19. rose says:

        nice movie

      20. Archie says:

        hehehehe!!! pretty gud! abhishek bachchan is tailor made 4 dis role!

      21. Rehan says:

        @ Ola

        download the 4 parts.. then
        use HJsplit To join the Files…

      22. SOWMYA says:

        @ Rehan,

        Which HFsplit app are we to download to join the files.
        The URL u gave has so many options..

      23. Raj says:

        maine ise dekha nahia par achi hai

      24. Raj says:

        Jab dekha to laga “nahi yaar akdam bakbaas hai”

      25. raj says:

        which file we must choose on our computer to upload?……………..

      26. Atif says:

        You Must Download All Parts

      27. sftasfia says:

        ooooo!!!wat…wat…wattt a movie!!!
        plzzzzzz tell me how 2 download it…………

      28. rizwan says:

        i want to download this full movei

      29. ankit says:


      30. razi says:

        its a good movie

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