Download Kaminey (2009) Hindi Movie

Download Kaminey (2009) Hindi Movie



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34 Responses

  1. minto says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiii i am minto

  2. sam says:

    not a good Print… :-( :-( its completely dark and theater print :-( :-( after 4 hours of download i was disappointed to see theater print in very very bad quality video.. you can hardly make out anything in the video.. Good luck guys.. :-(

  3. Priyan says:

    is the print quality dvd kinds???

  4. anurag soni says:

    its really intresting

  5. vikas says:

    i like t6his very much

  6. Sonal Sharma says:

    Very Bad print plz dont waste time to download it

  7. Hi frds,
    Kaminey movie is like it this movie blong 2 action, romance feeling main is changing of heart i like it..
    thank u..

  8. ayush says:


  9. ashish says:

    huh, very-very-bad print…… do nt download this….

  10. jitendra says:

    i like very much this movie

  11. hemant says:


  12. RK says:

    very bad print

  13. Arijit says:

    The picture of this film is not visible………………so don’t waste your time to download it…by the way it’s a very good movie watch in hall…

    if any body agree with me…post your comment here also.

  14. Ehsan says:

    yeah u r right`i agree with u but ny one can post it in good quality……..?

  15. hemant says:


  16. hemant says:

    a nice film kaminey i lke very much but the problem is the end was not good

  17. sbeetal says:

    Pls dont download it!!!!!!!!!!

  18. H@R!$ says:

    plzzz post this in good quality n if anyone post it in good quality so plzzz leave a comment………..

  19. vikram says:

    yes this print is not looking good
    anyone have good print then please upload

  20. Surya says:


  21. manish says:

    hi i am manishhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. deepen says:

    Hye what’s this. I’m not able to download this movie.
    it says.
    This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked. After the file has been blocked for 7 days it will automatically be deleted, if the block is not removed by RapidShare. For this reason, a download of this file is currently not possible.

  23. nyay says:

    frns kindly send me a link of hindi movies download like KAMINEY

  24. hiten says:

    I like this movie because it has actions

  25. shaqulian says:

    a nice film kaminey i lke very much but the problem is the end was not good

  26. kolflow says:


    I wnt to DL kaminey

  27. qasim says:

    awsome movie but the print is not gud,,,,,,

  28. vikas says:

    for his dilog and ating

  29. khaja says:

    i am not getting how to download, this site is very disgusting,and in my advice we should vanish this site

  30. mukesh says:


  31. prativa says:

    this site is really tuff man dont understend how to download

  32. Homakabir says:

    I try to many time but fail download how can do kaminey plz sugg me frnd.

  33. Roomi says:

    Hi everyone to much tuffest site i want DL KAMINE I LV U KAMINFY KUTTE

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