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Download Kranti Mp3 Songs


Download Kranti Mp3 Songs

Download Kranti Mp3 Songs

-  Ab Ke Baras (Tafreeh.Com)9.02 mb
-  Chana Jo Garam (Tafreeh.Com)9.93 mb
-  Durga Hai Meri Maa (Tafreeh.Com)5.39 mb
-  Kranti Part 1 (Tafreeh.Com)4.14 mb
-  Kranti Part 2 (Tafreeh.Com)4.41 mb
-  Looie Shama Sha (Tafreeh.Com)11 mb
-  Mara Thumka (Tafreeh.Com)6.68 mb
-  Zindagi Ki Na Toote Ladi (Tafreeh.Com)9.7 mb

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  1. Sabir Shaikh says:

    I think that KRANTi was Manoj Kumars last HIT movie with great songs…!

  2. Sabir Shaikh says:

    After this KRANTI none of his movies ran so well….

  3. Thanks, this movie is very great. I proud on this website to provide me mp3 songs of kranti.

  4. RICKY says:

    i proud this website to provide me kranti movies hit song.i want to download sad song of nitin mukesh

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