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Download Tere Naam Mp3 Songs


Download Tere Naam Mp3 Songs

Download Tere Naam Mp3 Songs

-  Chand.mp3 - 5.11 mb
-  Kyo Kisi Ko.mp3 - 5.1 mb
-  Lagan Lagi.mp3 - 4.16 mb
-  Man Basia.mp3 - 2.78 mb
-  O Jaana.mp3 - 4.98 mb
-  Odhni.mp3 - 6.25 mb
-  Tere Naam (Female).mp3 - 5.92 mb
-  Tere Naam.mp3 - 5.99 mb
-  Tumse Milna.mp3 - 4.25 mb
-  Tune Sath Jo Mera (Sad).mp3 - 1.21 mb
-  Tune Sath Jo Mera.mp3 - 5.06 mb

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  1. haris says:

    need full song of janat

  2. rakesh says:

    need songs of muskaan

  3. Aditya says:

    this is the one of the best picture in my life and it is related to heart

  4. Meet* says:

    hmm!! KEim sOng aA..MitrOoO..

  5. komal-akshay says:

    I like this movie very much komal & akshay

  6. gulnaz says:

    i like this song very very very much

  7. sarabakish says:

    i like this movie so much and song thxxxxxxxxx

  8. komal says:

    i love this song very much

  9. sunny says:

    all songs are lovely and touch our heart
    sweet song

  10. Sujata says:

    Nice Songs. Especially the title song. I really loved that.

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