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19 Responses

  1. very excellent song

  2. smita bedi says:

    nice song

  3. Harshal Gurav says:

    Nice movie songs ,
    falling a love

  4. dhiraj says:

    i lke song

  5. sanjay says:

    Required old song Yaarana

  6. sanjay solanki says:

    I like this old songs

  7. Vijay says:

    I am business man & I like this old songs

  8. shazia says:

    I love this songs. Amitabhji’s songs and movies are excellent. very good!!!

  9. abhyas says:

    my fav – “tere jaisa yaar kahan ……”

  10. Shaheed says:

    Excellent songs

  11. Amarjit says:

    I love Kishor kumar’s songs.
    This song is veary nice :-Tere jaysa yaar kaha…..

    My name-Amarjit kumar in Bihar state

  12. arvind says:

    this song is very nice.and amit ji dance is mind bloing.

  13. Niraj kumar says:

    Tera jaisa yaar kha.
    I like this song very much and
    I dedicated to all of my engineering friends

  14. Shahrukh says:

    Nice Songs Nice Frindship Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan aisa yarana…

  15. Rathi says:


  16. Kaushik says:

    very very very good song I like songs

  17. Jignesh vasava says:

    I like old song’s and Amitabh bachchan my favorite hero in film indstry.

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