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Download Zakham Mp3 Songs


Download Zakham Mp3 Songs

Download  Zakham Mp3 Songs

-  Gali Mainchand (Sad) (Tafreeh.Com)2.89 mb
-  Gali Mein Chand (Tafreeh.Com)4.77 mb
-  Ghar Say Masjid (Tafreeh.Com)7.18 mb
-  Ham Yahan-Kumar Sanuu (Tafreeh.Com)4.46 mb
-  Hum Yahan (Tafreeh.Com)4.46 mb
-  La La La (Tafreeh.Com)2.61 mb
-  Maa Nay Kaha (Tafreeh.Com)1.38 mb
-  Maan Nay Kaha (Tafreeh.Com)2.66 mb
-  Padd Likh (Tafreeh.Com)4.2 mb
-  Raat Sari (Tafreeh.Com)4.67 mb
-  Shab Kay Jagay (Tafreeh.Com)6.16 mb
-  Shabe Kay Jagay (Tafreeh.Com)6.19 mb
-  Uth Meri Jaan (Tafreeh.Com)6.56 mb
-  Ye Aainya Jo (Tafreeh.Com)5.79 mb
-  Ye Kya Howa (Tafreeh.Com)6.05 mb

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  1. Mohit says:

    Very Good song (i like it)

  2. shabana says:

    nice site and i luv gali mein chand nikla song…

  3. MARIA says:

    i love the song “gali me aaj chand nikla”

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