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26 Responses

  1. tepu says:

    very nice

  2. hardik says:

    i want kal ho na songs

  3. amit says:

    is the best

  4. prashanta mishra says:


  5. riza_indonesia says:

    i’m very like this film . . . .
    n excellent dech pokoknya

  6. anant says:

    hey how can i download movies…….

  7. mallika says:

    this movie is too good.thanks

  8. mallika says:

    get it

  9. avish says:

    i want a new movie video songs

  10. yadav says:

    it is excellent songs

  11. chandan says:

    i want to downlode

  12. satyabrata says:

    i want to download these songs

  13. bakar says:


  14. Fatima says:

    very nice i m very lake is film

  15. balmukand says:

    Very Good movie

  16. balmukand says:


  17. sukhwinder says:

    thats my favourite movie

  18. wasoo says:

    what a supper song

  19. sanjay jain says:

    very nice movie

  20. zaidi says:

    Very nice

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