Kishen Kanhaiya (1990) Hindi Songs

Kishen Kanhaiya (1990) Hindi Songs

–  Kishen Kanhaiya – 01 – Krishna Krishna @ Tafreeh.Com11.54 mb
–  Kishen Kanhaiya – 02 – Aap Ko Dekh Ke @ Tafreeh.Com10.55 mb
–  Kishen Kanhaiya – 03 – Mere Humsafar @ Tafreeh.Com9.11 mb
–  Kishen Kanhaiya – 04 – Suit Boot Mein Aaya Kanhaiya @ Tafreeh.Com8.3 mb
–  Kishen Kanhaiya – 05 – Radha Bina Hai Kishen Akela @ Tafreeh.Com9.76 mb
–  Kishen Kanhaiya – 06 – Kuchh Ho Gaya Kya Ho Gaya @ Tafreeh.Com8.72 mb

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7 Responses

  1. kareena says:

    i love this songs

  2. Karan says:

    Thanks a lot for the songs …
    was not getting them anywhere!

    Addition of the Flute theme will be appreciated :)

  3. dr.gunaji says:

    i love this song from my childhood.

  4. dr nitin says:

    love this song toooo much

  5. dr nitin says:

    cool song

  6. Samir Saha says:

    Thanks alot, after long waiting, finally got this good song .. once again thanks to the person who uploaded this song .

  7. naishad says:

    i love this side.

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