Tere Sang (2009) Hindi Songs

Tere Sang (2009) Hindi Songs

Download Tere Sang (2009) Hindi Movie Mp3 songs in High Quality
-  Chal Mera Haath Pakad Le @ Tafreeh.Com7.79 mb
-  I Will Be There For You @ Tafreeh.Com7.52 mb
-  Lal Quile Ke Peechey @ Tafreeh.Com8.27 mb
-  Leja Leja @ Tafreeh.Com6.98 mb
-  Maula Mila De @ Tafreeh.Com7.08 mb
-  Miss Baabloo @ Tafreeh.Com4.13 mb
-  Morey Saiyan @ Tafreeh.Com7.16 mb
-  Rab Milya @ Tafreeh.Com7.86 mb
-  Tere Bin @ Tafreeh.Com8.1 mb

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  • Teree Sang - I'll Be There For You (Full Song) - New Hindi Movie (HQ) (yCgYH8-JH8U)
  • tere bin - teree sang(full song) (vSyRs-_-Ubk)
  • Teree Sang Part 1/HD Hindi Movie (GG-OVCJ21Dk)
  • Main Tere Sang Hoon - Hindi Worship Song by Wilson George (2M2SxZGb-zs)
  • Ruslaan Mumtaz & Sheena Shahabadi in Teree Sang - Trailer (3-ZBDZ-oQy0)



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      38 Responses

      1. Dear Friend,
        pl. send to this hindi movies mp3 songs.

      2. himanshu rawal says:

        awsme site man

      3. manish says:

        lovely song more saiya

      4. manish called aatif says:

        awesme somg more saiya n tere bin i m lving must listen n get crazy as i m .its too romantic n senti songs .i loved it

      5. ANU says:


      6. Memy says:

        fatafati song….great lyric and sweet melody. I love this song….ajkal aysa love kaha hoti? kaha aysi lyric value pati?

      7. raisa says:

        ausaum songs men…realy lykd dozzzz….

      8. Abhijit Banik...(Hyderabad) says:

        It’s such a lovely song I have ever heard…!

      9. khushnuma says:

        mindblowing songs for kidult age

      10. swati says:

        hey ppl awesum sngs…movie also vry touching n luving……g8 luv stry

      11. Tanmay says:

        I just love all d songs of Tere Sang.. And movie tooo was great ! ! !

      12. ansuman says:

        sheena is so cutyyyyyyyyyy.

      13. roopal says:

        so lovely movie

      14. shona says:

        no wordz 2expres feelngz…. Just wnt 2say incrdble… I wil pro ma guy by singing dis song

      15. habiba says:

        I love the song more sayyian sweet but honest story

      16. i love all the song. its heart touching. i love it.

      17. Pranali says:

        Really Awsome song……..Good movie…….and even good moral for all…….

      18. Suman Sourav Rout says:

        Hey guyz Morey Saiyan is one of d best songs i hv ever heard … Do cheak it out … Trust me it wil make u remember of someone very special …..!

      19. BHARAT says:

        ab kya bole yar ekdam mast yar bole to ekdam mast yar …… song are heart touching….Movie to ekdam bhaari….. Mindbloing movie, song, acting…..

      20. Tina says:

        the movie should to be a blockbustor.cutest movie i have ever seen.

      21. sangh says:

        only one word [beautiful]

      22. Devanshi says:

        ” Morey Saiyan” a very lovely , deep and very beautiful song.

      23. tanvir pabna says:

        it is really pleasent movie i know all of this people enjoyed it very much

      24. HARSHIT says:

        Whole Movie is Awesome..N Rab milya Song n Maula Mila De..
        is very much Touch Song

      25. rudhrika says:

        it’s just awesum………..

      26. sangeeta says:

        The song has purity in it. I love the song to d core.

      27. Athul.P says:

        guys dis movie hz grt sngs….just give it a try n u’ll go crazy……..

      28. alii says:

        i love this movie and songs also..i watch ths movie 3 times daily..ever romantic and tuched mvie in my lyff….

      29. Aaku says:

        Songs are best

      30. swagata says:

        the movie is awesome.a heart touching story.both of them look extremely cute…in a word FANTASTIC MOVIE!!!

      31. NEHA says:


      32. NEHA says:


      33. devesh says:

        nice film songs

      34. sid says:

        tere bin is awsome…………………….

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