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21 Responses

  1. rajesh sinha says:

    good movie

  2. anil says:

    i like downloading movies

  3. rajat says:

    i want to download it now.

  4. rajat says:

    very very horrer movie i have ever seen.

  5. pravin says:

    i like thes movie

  6. deep says:

    this site is very usefull

  7. shalini says:

    i like like this movie because of good direction , n the capacity 2 horrify pple ….

  8. shalini says:

    i lke this movie coz of good direction ,n capicity 2 horrify pple

  9. ramesh says:

    nice horror movie

  10. hasaan shah says:

    this site is very good

  11. Abhay says:

    wah……….!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice………………

  12. harry says:

    this movies is very good

  13. Uttam says:

    I Like it

  14. patel jindal says:

    i like this

  15. rohan says:

    very nice movie

  16. magnus says:

    thats movie its
     verry nice to look
    keep work ;)

  17. mangesh says:

    I Like it

  18. mangesh says:

    this movies is very good 

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